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We are Moving!! Excited to Call Waterloo 'Home' for Years to Come.

Yes, you read that right, we are indeed moving! Like many, I am sure you and thinking, "WHY??? You just got done fixing up everything in your home! Why in the world would you move when you haven't even been there for that long?" Well, keep reading to hear our reasoning behind this, and trust me when I say this was not part of our "plan" this year or even when we bought our home just a few years ago.

What turned into a fun day of "just attending some open houses" quickly turned into us falling in love with a home, having to put an offer in the next morning, our offer getting accepted (YAY), having to clean/stag our home in a few hours, getting an offer the first day our home hit the market, and accepting that offer. All of this happening in a matter of 4 days. We had zero time to think and only react to how fast we were having to move. So I say again, trust me when we say this was not planned at all.

Many of you know that we have loved the past year of turning our first house into a home, but one thing we knew from the beginning when we bought our home was that this was not our "forever home". We really only imagined ourselves in this place for about five years. Our home serves our little family of four perfectly but as soon as we have friends, our parents or any additional dogs over we are easily cramped and we are unable to offer multiple guests a place to stay if needed. We always want our friends and family to feel welcomed to stay for an hour or a week without hesitation, which we cannot offer in our current home.

As Nick and I made our list of projects for our home this year we started to wonder where we should be putting our time and $$ into this home and if it would be worth it in the end if we do not intend on staying here for many more years. When it comes to our home projects last year and in 2019 we were pretty full steam ahead and didn't let time or the thought of RIO stop us from the projects we did. Many of the big projects that we wanted to do this year, kitchen and bathroom, we knew we would have to be extra cautious about how much effort and $$ we would be putting into each project to not feel like a complete "waste" if we were to have to sell our home at any point.

One other big reason that made this decision easy for us to move is to have stability in our living environment. Nick and I talk weekly (not kidding) about how long we want to live in the Cedar Valley/when will would want to move back home to be closer to family. We both know that there is a good chance that we will end up closer to our family at some point but right now is not that time for us. Nick has been at Jesup for five years and absolutely loves teaching and coaching there. With the purchase of our new home, it removes the question, "How long will you be staying in the area?" or "Will you guys be moving back home soon?". We love the Cedar Valley area, our friends here, the connections we have made, and all the amenities it has to offer us, now we are able to call Waterloo and the Cedar Valley home for many years to come.

We will for sure miss our current neighbors our adorable neighborhood but we are so very excited for some additional room and space for years to come. We are incredibly blessed to have all the learning opportunities this house has given us as newlyweds, individuals, and beginning DIYers. We have grown so much in these past two years and have loved all the support from all of you as we tackled each project. Don't worry, there are plenty of projects that will come while in our new home! In case you are wondering what our new home looks like, here she is

The funny thing about this house is that Nick showed it to me months ago and I was like, "Ehh don't think so," I still left the same way when we rolled up to it for the open house but dang, I sure was wrong. The best thing about the home is that it is move-in ready, all changes we want to make are cosmetic and will come with time. I am actually SOOO pumped to not be rushed into projects like we had to on our current one before moving in. I will share another post soo with all the fun ideas we have in store!

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