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How We Plan to Add Character & Charm to Our Home

We are quickly coming up on our first year in our new home, which is crazy to think. The past year we have been trying to take projects wayyy slower compared to 2020 when we were at our previous home. Instead of forcing a project just to have something to do, we are waiting until we have the full vision and materials to make it happen - which has not been super easy (for me).

The "lack" of projects has allowed us to observe our home and enjoy it in its current state. This has been a true blessing in disguise as our current home is a very different style (colonial) from our first home was (bungalow). Over the winter months, Nick and I have been "game planning" what style we envision for our home, how to complement our home's natural character and add our own personal style and touches.

We came to a conclusion that the style that fits our personal style and the character of our home is English Colonial Cottage. Even though our home is located on an intersection, we envision what our home would look like if it were on an acreage or in a timber with a gravel driveway. The style of a cottage was most fitting to many design elements that Nick and I naturally gravitate towards while staying true to the natural colonial design and layout of our home.

Cottage elements Nick and I like include; old doors, craftsman woodworking, built-ins, cozy divided rooms, and natural elements. Our home currently has some of those items listed that we are looking to enhance or add back to the house that we think is missing. With a house that is close to 80 years old, we have noticed areas of our home that show its age and the many layers of paint. Here are a few ways we plan to add some character and charm back to our home that we believe would naturally flow with the design and time frame it was built.

1. Craftsman Style Trim

2. Wood Doors

3. French Doors

4. Floor to Ceiling Fireplace

5. Built-in Bookcases

6. Natural Elements - Iron, Stone, and Wood

The ideas, Pinterest boards, and spreadsheets have been made. Needless to say, we are very excited about what is to come of our home over the next few years.

- Aubs

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