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How to Create Your Own Boho Fall Door Wreath

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

This year has been the year of a lot of things, to say the least. As first-time homeowners, I feel like 2020 has been the year of finding our style and really get to add some personality to our home. If you follow me along on Instagram you have seen this start to come alive with our fireplace accent wall, furniture in our living room, 3 seasons room, guest room and currently giving our own bedroom a little refresh!

One thing I have told ALL of my friends who ask about the house or who are in the spot of looking for a house is the first year was just figuring out where stuff went, what we needed in the home and what we could toss. When you combine all your belongings into one house ou soon find out that you have 5 blender bottles, 6 spatulas, and a random assortment of everything. Since our wedding last year and throughout this year we have been saying good buy to a lot of our odds and ends, (the 6 additional spatulas cuz yah you can survive with just one), and upgrading our college furniture to some amazing Facebook market finds and more.

One thing I struggled to find the want/need to do our first year in our home was decorating. I didn't have the vision or the energy to put seasonal decorations up just to take them down. But this year I AM PUMPED to decorate the heck out of or home and make it a little cozier and fitting with the fall and winter seasons here in Iowa. I'm not one to jump on the Fall bandwagon when it's August 1st, but after this Labor Day weekend, I was ready for a change of scenery in our home.

While I was at my parent's home this past weekend my mother and I went through leftover greenery and flowers from our wedding last year. My mom handed me a rustic country theme wreath (pictured below on the left), asking if I wanted it and my original thought was, "no, that won't match anything in our home/not my style sister." But after I looked at it and all the greenery that we just organized, I got the idea to get creative and wanted a fun decor project to make this fit the style of our home.

As you can see, the final wreath on the right above is quite a difference from what I started with! Here is the process of how I got from something I even didn't want to a wreath I can't stop looking at! Disclaimer - I forgot to take some photos when beginning the project, I have a tendency of getting a little too excited and forget to grab my phone.

  1. I started by cutting off all the little metal stars with scissors and pulling about 1/2 of the white tips off.

Once I cut these out it really opened set a good clean base for me to work from. When I got home I started to play around with a few kinds of grass and dried flowers that I had on hand. Before I got too far ahead of myself I decided to hang this on our door for me to really visualize the size and help me envision what I would need moving forward.

When I hug it up here is what I was thinking needed to be changed.

  1. Cut down the branches to make the width and height shorter. Not only were multiple sticks wayy too long, I realized I was going to need A LOT more material if I am going to make this wreath look full of texture and color.

Once I took it down I started to cut about 2-3 inches off of all the sticks and started pulling out the grasses there were places it and cut those as well. I hung it back on the door one more time to make sure there weren't any other ones or areas that were off and got to work adding in material! I did make a trip over to Hobby Lobby for some additional items additional grasses and cream colors that I didn't have on hand. When looking for items I always try to get items that don't have the same texture or color. I LOVE the beauty that comes when mixing and matching colors and textures. Helpful note for you - always grab more than what you need, you can always return what you don't use. Here are a few of my favorite fall dried grasses

As you remember from what I started with, the wreath worked as a good base for me to stick these elements into it and between other branches. I didn't end up using an adhesive glue for this. After about 30 minutes of playing with it, it was starting to come together!

After assembling it on the kitchen table the true test was to see if everything would stay in play or fall out as soon as it was hung up. I held my breath as I took it over to the door and IT ALL STAYED IN PLACE!!! I came back to it hanging on the door and added a few other elements in places that looked a little bear and WALAA IT WAS DONE! :D

Not going to lie, for a second I didn't think this was going to turn out as I envisioned but boy I sure am excited for more fall decorating and projects after this one!

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