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How I Created a Healthy Relationship with My Bank Account to Pay Off Debt & Hit Financial Goals.

Why is money such a awkward topic to always talk about? It's soooo taboo to talk about money, finances with family and friends why is this? As a business owner and member of society it is easy to see how the lack of talking about money/normalizing money conversations often leads to a lack of knowledge to individuals when it comes to managing our personal finances and even businesses.

Yearly last year I received a google spread sheet from a photographer that helped me view my business in the simplistic form, laying out income, expense in an easy to read format that was fool proof. Not only did this document help me clearly see what my expenses are from month to month, it helped me see what my income would be month to month which allowed for me to hit income goals I did not think was possible for someone who was just going full time.

For this year I decided to take these same practices I applied for my business to our personal finances. As two newly wed, home owners, we always new that we have been "good" with our income and expenses thanks to our financial advisor, but we really had no idea how or where money was coming from. We have big financial goals for 2021 so I created this documents for use to share and easy see how much money we are bringing in, how much debt we have to pay off, how much is in our savings, and what our expenses are from month to month.

The easiest way to view this spread sheet/your finances is as a business owner - stick with me, I'll explain. Businesses need to profit each month in order to stay open, aka they need to profit. View your monthly income and expense just like that. It starts by identifying what your fixed income and expenses are each month. If you know that you/your home brings home $4K a month then your monthly expenses need to be under $4K in order to profit. It's that easy. In our minds we might know a ball part of how much rent, utilities, groceries, loans and other monthly expense might cost but what we don't know it what they equal all together. Or we think we have X amount to spend for fun but really we don't. Lucky for you I make it easy to figure ALL this out with this Google Spread Sheet! Make sure to watch theses videos, where I will walk you through how to

- Save this document as your own

- How to use it/The Organization behind it

- How to customize it to your own needs

- And MORE!

Just because you are young doesn't mean that you can have a control over your expenses and be profitable.

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