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First Home Project Complete: Our Bedroom

Since moving into our new home in March, Nick and I have truly been living in it. No paint, no changes, nothing. Just living in our home and enjoying the current state that it is. The spring was crazy over here when you throw in two different track schedules (Nick and I both coach high school track), photography starts to pick back up, and on top of that, I made the decision to get a part time job at a local coffee shop. Our schedule/routine has been seeing each other for about 40 minutes in the morning and about 2 hours at night before we are both tired and sound asleep.

Even though our schedules have been very busy and energy low it has given us a great opportunity to really live and look at our home before make all the updates/changes we want to. As I have shared on my Instagram page, I am really looking forward to (trying to ) take it slower in our new home when it comes to projects. Our home is 100% liveable, all we need to do is add our own touch to it.

We thought we were going to tackle the backyard first since it is the largest space + will need the most work, but we changed our minds after realizing how much time, energy, and money it would take. We realized it would be best to leave the yard as it is, watch it grow this year, and then make changes as we want next year. I thought about starting in the living or dining room but Nick made the suggestion to start on our bedroom and get ourselves moved out of the "Rose Paradise" that we have been currently calling our room.

Since the bedroom is one of the rooms in a home that we spend the most time + wanted to upgrade our guest bed for visitors this summer I was all for in. When looking at our bedroom Nick and I both agreed that we wanted to invest/upgrade our bedding for the long run. I got started finding items I wanted + created a mood board. My inspiration for this room and a majority of our new home comes from Brooke of Nesting with Grace. I really admire Brooke's design how it uses color and pattern in a fun yet elegant way.

Here is what our room started as.

When looking at this room, the biggest things that I knew would transform our room was going to be removing/taking down the window treatments, pulling up carpet, removing wallpaper that is on the main wall, and adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceilings.

Nick and I found the best luck removing wallpaper by using a steamer and a putty knife! It came off super well and the wall was in really good shape behind it! Here is a video of what we did to remove the wallpaper in this room.

After that, it was paint time! If you have carpet that you plan on removing I HIGHLY suggest doing all your painting with that carpet down. That way if you spill/drip (happens to me often), it's not a big deal! I was lucky enough to have my momma come up and help me paint this room. Since we were literally painting every wall of this room I knew I was going to need some help. Paint Colors Below

Accent Wall: Behr Black Evergreen

Side Walls: Basswood

As you can see in the pictures, the white paint that we used made a BIG difference from what was currently on our walls (top middle picture). I call the original color buttercream yellow and it is everywhere in our home. The simple addition of clean white paint will add SOOO much more light to a room. The white paint that we always use is the Ultimate Pure White "base" that comes in Behr Marque paint from Home Depot. Nothing added to it, straight from the can.

After we got all painting done it was time to rip up this carpet and take a look at the floors! We were happy to the floors were the same thin oak boards that we discovered at our previous home butttt as I was looking at them I was not as big of a fan of oak color. My biggest concern was the orange color that it was pulling which I did not want. Even though we will be having a rug in this room that would cover some of it, I still wanted to make sure I wouldn't want to change them later on.

I saw Brooke of Nesting with Grace use a whitewash on their oak ceiling in their home to tame the "orange" and thought it turned out super pretty this could be an option for us.

My only concern was the lack of color this would have with our room and I really wanted our floors to have some color to them. First, we needed to give these floors a good sanding so we rented a sander from Menards (well actually 2 different ones) to sand the floors plus used a hand sander to get into the corners and hard-to-reach places. Renting a sander from Menards is a super inexpensive option for redoing your floors, only $25 for 4 hrs. PRO TIP: Rent your sander at night when your 4 hrs will extend past the store's hours. For example, if the store closes at 10pm, rent the sander after 6pm because they will ask you to return the sander in the next morning. Aka you get the sander for wayyyyy longer. We did this at our first home when we were redoing the entire first floor and was amazing!

After sanding I was in LOVE as I think Ollie was a fan of them as well. We could not get all the floors to the same level but I was 100% okay with it because it was a fun variety and gave each board a different look/personality. We picked up three different stains, Weather Oak, Golden Pecan, and Golden Oak, to test on our oak floors.

We ended up going with Golden Oak on the floors, even though the slightly darker color made me nervous it would clash with our furniture. Nick applied the stain with a brush and then we applied the sealer the next morning.

After staining and sealing the floors I was still not 100% sold on the color (I know, crazy right). I thought the floors and looked super pretty, they were just different from what I originally picture here and I was still nervous about how they would look with our furniture.

Next, it was time to add quarter round trip to the baseboard to add a more "finished" look and means less painting on the trim for me. We picked up 6 of these White Quarter Round Trim pieces for the bedroom. We ended up only using 5 but glad we had extras because there were a few times cuts were made in the wrong direction. When applying the quarter round double check the quarter round it placed correctly against the wall before making your mark to cut it. As you get going it is very easy to forget and then it won't be matching.

The last "construction" item we did was added a little fun to our accent wall (below). I want to add some verticle boards to the wall every couple of feet to add some dimension and not leave the wall blank (in my mind). We bought 4 or 5 of these white MDF boards and painted them the same color as the wall. With the pattern I had in mind I wanted to start on the left side of the wall and worked our way right. We started by centering our first board in the middle of the window then spaced the boards every 2-3ft.

With the help of a new bed, bedding, and some accent pillows, here is how the wall turned out!

I am still in shock that this is our bedroom and how well it turned out! The floors ended up looking really well with our furniture and I love the different colors that come from each board. We still have yet to update the closet doors but for right now I enjoy getting to see our clothes. Eventually, I want to add more pictures to where our wedding pictures are hung above the dresser and a few plants in this room but I'm sure those will come with time. Hope you guys enjoyed this little refresh/remodel to this bedroom! We sure are enjoying it :) Below are links to items in our room (that we store bought many items in here were thrifted over the years).

Bed Frame: Overstock (For the best price. Also found on Wayfair)

Euro Pillow Inserts: Amazon (bought mine from Home Goods, but here is an option)

Euro Pillow Shams: Amazon (come in a variety of colors)

Large Picture Pints: Small Woods

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