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Affordable Dinning Room Chair Options

When we officially knew that we would be selling our home Nick and I started to do inventory of what "big" items in our home we would like to take with us or upgrade. The number one item we both agreed on was selling our dining room chairs and upgrading them to something better. Our current chairs came with the table that Nick got years ago after graduating college and over the years these chairs have done their job for us. Before we got the old ones out of our home I wanted to "shop" around to see how much new chairs would cost, since I didn't have a lot of good luck finding used ones on Facebook Marketplace.

HOLY COW was I in sticker shock when I started looking at some of the dining room chairs that I had been admiring from others on Instagram. Some of these chairs were ranging from $300 - $500/chair, aka wayyy out of our budget or what I could even see reasonable for spending on dining room chairs, no matter how cute and trendy they are. My goal was to spend less than $100/chair so I was a little out of my league when I was started looking around. Luckily it got better as I search from place to place so here is a round-up of all the chairs that I found that are not only a reasonable price for brand new chairs but cute and have great reviews.

This is THE best price I have found on these chairs! These were the chairs I was going to order (still might) before we found our set on Facebook Marketplace. Out of all the chairs I looked at, these were my top pick because of their unique design, color, price, and how versatile they would be for design updates that take place.

These chairs are the only pair that I have seen from Influencers on Instagram that are actually affordable (aka not $300/chair). I really love the simple thin legs on these and the brown leather is super versatile to fit a lot of different design types and styles. At $70/chair it would be around $280 for a set of 4.

These are a little more "modern" for my taste but I still thought they were cute that some of you would love. My personal favorite color is this cream fabric with the walnut wood legs. This set of four chairs comes out to be about $80/chair.

These are some of my favorites because I LOVE the green. They also have them in brown but if you are looking for a fun pop of color in your chairs this would be my top pick! These are slightly above $100/chair.

Don't be too intimated by that price right away. I sure was, but when we do the math each chair ends up being about $110/chair (yes still more than $100 but if your budget allows these are a great option). I decided to add these to the list because they are one of the many I have seen from influencers but at a better price than the ones often link. If you decide to go with these, make sure to get the set of four and instead of the set of two to help save you money! What I love most about these chairs is the cane detail in the backrest and the archtops.

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