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3 Thrift Store Items I Use to Organize Our Home

Hello, 2021! I think many of us were very excited about the new year and the excitement/refresh that can come with the new year. The ability to rest, reorganize, planning, and goals to dream as we look at 12 new months ahead. I must admit I am a sucker for the New Year and the ability to mix things up, look at what was accomplished, and look forward to new goals, ideas, ideas, and more.

One thing that also comes with the new year for me is organizing our home. Doing an audit of the items in our home, de-cluttering from all the holiday decor items that we still have around that we didn't even touch last year. I have already said goodbye to 1/2 of the items in my closet and GUYS IT FEELS AMAZING! I no longer have to fight the clothes in my closet when putting them away/pulling them out and all the space feels soo good. Of course, this has spread throughout our home in many ways.

As I was cleaning/organizing our bedroom the other day I realized a common theme in a lot of the items I use to keep items hidden/stuff organized while still looking aesthetically pleasing and tying in with our home decor. And all of these items are primarily from our local Goodwill and thrift stores. The 3 common thrift store items in our home that I use for storage and organization are baskets, small bowls, and pottery items.

I have found these three items to be super versatile around our home for storage and holding anything and everything!! I will use larger baskets to holding wool/fuzzy socks, pajamas, and smaller baskets, bowls, and pottery items to hold everything from jewelry, loose change, essential oils, camera memory cards, charging cords, headphones, and more. The options are truly endless on what you can use these items for when it comes to, as what I like to call, decorizing (decorating +organizaing) your home! The best part about these items that when they are found at the local thrift store or on Facebook Marketplace you are saving $$$ without having to lose style. Next time you are in need of storage/organization containers, head over to your local thrift store and see what you can find!

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