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Our 2021 Home Project List

As many of you saw, 2020 was a really fun year for us and our home. Many home projects were completed and it has been so much fun to make this house actually feel like a part of us and have it represent our personality and style. One word that has been said by many of you to describe our home and decor is "cozy". With our house at roughly 1300 square feet, I love how we have the room that we want but also have that cozy feeling that many of you have mentioned. I am inspired by the word "cozy" and want all of our rooms to have this feeling.

I have had a handful of people ask what other changes/projects we have for the house since we have done so much already. Yes, we have indeed touched almost all of the rooms in our home, but there are a few other projects that we would love to tackle. Some of them are new projects that we haven't started while others are touching up and finishing projects from last year. Here is a little look as to what we have on our list, broken up by Big Projects and Small Projects.

Big Projects


Our kitchen is one area of our home that I haven't shared a lot about. I think I have fully shared it once aside from the times I water my plants. There is nothing really great about our kitchen. It is white everything; walls, cabinets, counter, fridge, oven. The reason we haven't touched it is because for us, right now, it is functional for our life/needs. The biggest goal with our kitchen is going to be adding more counter/storage space. We currently have roughly 6ft of counter space to work on and it gets pretty crowded when cooking. The kitchen is a very high traffic area for us. It leads to the 3 seasons room, back yard, and basement. Due to the current layout of the kitchen, it isn't easy to move around or go in and out of the house while cooking. It would be awesome to move the oven to a different area of the kitchen but there is a good chance it might not happen due to the cost of rearranging something like this. When it comes time for us to work on the kitchen, there will be lots of budget-friendly DIY's done!

Living Room Accent Wall

This is the first wall that you see when entering our home. All of last year we placed our beloved Facebook Marketplace couch on this wall to help balance the length of it. Since the holidays, we rearranged our furniture and took down the baskets on the wall that have been up for a good year and a half. We envision some color on this wall (if you can believe that), fun artwork, and some images. I would LOVE to find a fun unique bookshelf to add to this wall. We might also look into selling some items that no longer fit with our style and furniture that we have.


This one may or may not come as a surprise but one that Nick and I are looking to accomplish. When we first moved into our home the bathroom was one of the "bigger" projects. We had to get plumbing installed to have a showerhead added which led to ripping down drywall, which led to new insulation, drywall, and subway tiles. Throughout 2020 this little bathroom of ours got quite the transformation. Last January I gave it this little refresh for $100, then in March the medicine cabinet was stripped to its original wood (not planned). Although we like it, there are many things in the bathroom that we wish we would have done differently from the beginning, looking back. Having a window in the shower/bath is our biggest hurdle we have to work with. Since everything we have done in the bathroom has been very cosmetic up to this point we are looking at spending the extra $ to enhance our bathroom a little more.

Basement Bonus Room

We have been gifted with a really great basement area with our house that provides us a lot of storage, a tool bench, a man cave for Nick, and a spare room that we would like to utilize as a workout room. One of Nick and I's goals for this year is to make our health a priority and we figure there is no better way to accomplish this than a room dedicated to get workouts done. Nick's workout equipment is currently jammed into one area of the basement and mine in my office. We would love to have a spot to put all of these items and free up space elsewhere.

Small Projects

Window Treatments

Curtains and blinds throughout our home are one of those 95% projects. I have learned over the years to hang curtain rods a few inches above and out from our actual framed window. Some of our curtains are hung this way while some are connected right to the window trim because we didn't know any different when we first moved it. I would love to have all window treatments to be hung the same way throughout our home.

Bed Frame & Bed Headboard

One thing that we do not have for our bed is a headboard. Even though I have viewed a lot of boho headboards, the one I have in mind would be one that we make! As of now, I have two different designs in my head at the moment, Option 1 from Bre Purpose or Option 2 from Honey Built Home, so we will see which one I'm feeling more when the time comes.

Office Decor/Organization

Our office might be one of my favorite projects of last year/this year. All that is left for this area is to print, frame, and hang decor throughout to pull in all together.

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