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$100 Weekend Bathroom Refresh

This winter I had a big itch to repaint and rearrange items throughout our house. This winter I was finding myself with the winter blues settling in, I need some change so lift my mood have a change of pace.

I started making a change to our living room when we painted the fireplace and walls, then made myself to our bathroom. I loved the fun green I originally had in here but after putting the forest green in the living room I had to say goodbye bathroom green. I was looking to make the bathroom a little more neutral since we have a pop of color in the living room, just a few steps away.

Since our bathroom is pretty small, my biggest goal is to optimize this small space with some shelves, and better reflect the feeling/style plan on having for the house. The other thing to know about me if you don't already is that I love to optimize how far you can make your dollar stretch on a project. I am a real and true thrifter and budget conscience when I say that. Nothing makes me scratch my head more when people find "thrifted" pieces for $800 or have a small budget bathroom makeover/transformation for $2,000. OH no, not here hunny.

My goal going into the project is going to spend $150 or less. Something that is a quick weekend project that wasn't going to be a big expense.

Step 1: Inspiration

My go-to place for all my inspiration for my home items is Pinterest or Instagram. I usually spend a good week of intentionally looking throughout Pinterest and Instagram, pulling photos or items of what I like. Here are some photos that were my leading inspiration and helped shape this makeover.

2. Mood Board

Over the past year of home renovating and makeovers, I have learned that Nick and I don't have telepathy when it comes to envisioning the same design. Therefore it is harder for the two of us to share the same end goal/idea. I have started creating together Mood Boards from my inspiration photos to help share my vision with him. I make mine in Adobe Photoshop but you can easily use Canva (p.s. it's free). I start by finding the images and products online, take screen shots of those images, and put them together on the same board as below.

3. Getting Materials

When looking at the items that I wanted, I had a rough idea of how much this and that would cost. I thought our biggest expense would be the shelves. The biggest decision for this project was to decide if we could find some shelves on Facebook Marketplace or make them our selves. For me, buying them new is the last option. (One of my goals for this year is to buy more items that are 2nd hand or gently used.) For the most part, we ended up buying all of our items new but looking to add some thrifted/second-hand items or decor on the shelves. My goal for the project was $100 or less to stay under for this, sadly I was over budget by one dollar and 23 cents. Below is a breakdown and links to everything that we ended up buying. Getting materials took both Saturday and Sunday and it included multiple trips to different stores (aka much longer than expected).

- 1 Quart of Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Paint: $23.52

- Shower Curtain: $19.88

- Small Flat Iron Brackets (4x $4.99): $20

- 8x4 Board: $9.60

Grand Total: $101.23

4. Putting it all Together - The fun Part!

As a first-time renovator/diyer I will apologize for the lack of photos that I have throughout this process. I am finding that I get soo excited to start one project and I forget to take photos along the way. I promise I will get better with time. Here are a few photos of what our bathroom looked like before.

And here is the final result!

I am soo dang happy with how this weekend project turned out from a mood board put together and getting it all together. (Not to say that it was all smooth sailing for any reason.) If you were following along with me on Instagram I went through and talked about where we got some of our items, here is a list below of all the decor items that we thrifted/already had around the house.

- Grey Rug: Nick has this since he moved into his first apartment. The color worked out perfectly with the color scheme I envisioned.

- Hand Towels: These were a wedding gift we received and just getting them their first use. To be 100% honest, I'm soooo scared to buy/use any white towels. It won't be long before I get a stain on it. The white and grey also managed to work out perfectly with the colors.

- Towel Hooks: These lined all the closets of the house when we moved in. Though we kept a good amount in the closet for our own use, we kept them downstairs for future use. Gave them a quick coat of black spray paint and wa-la!

- Glass Jars: Glass jars that you receive food in are THE BEST to repurpose for cute decor. What once held Tostitos Salsa, and Smucker's jelly and now holds ibuprofen, plants and other toiletries.

If you are looking for a quick refresh of a room in your house hope this can serve as some inspiration!

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