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Ope, hi there! Welcome to my personal site compiled of a few of my favorite things; home improvement and my journey to living a non-toxic lifestyle! 

About two years ago my husband and I became first time home buyers and are currently turning our first house into a home with our two pups, Augie & Ollie.

After a trial and error and many frustrations with my body, I decided to audit the products that I am putting on my body which lead me to my journey of a more natural/non-toxic products and essential oils.


Essential Oils & Nontoxic Living

Essential Oil Diffuser.
DIY Allergry Relief Roller with Essential Oils.
Easy Nontoxic Laundry Switches you can Make.

What are essential oils and nontoxic living? I'm sharing the answers to these questions and what made me make this change my life

Did You Know....

The National Acadamy of Science reports that up to 95% of chemicals used in "fragrances" are derived from petroleum.

Women on average come in contact/apply 80 toxic ingredients on their bodies before eating breakfast.

Studies have shown that lighting just one candle fills the air with more microparticles that traffic in a busy street.

Many everyday cleaners and medicine are based on the power from plants found all over the world? Yet modern-day cleaners and medicines today include ingredients that are harmful to our bodies' natural processes. Why is this?


New on the Blog!

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